Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) is an oxidising biocide. It kills micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and spores) by attacking and penetrating their cell wall, disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis. Since this action occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, oxidising biocides such as Chlorine Dioxide are very effective against dormant organisms and spores (Giardia Cysts and Poliovirus).

Chlorine Dioxide is highly soluble in water as well as in a variety of organic material.

Because it is so soluble, Chlorine Dioxide penetrates through materials that protect micro-organisms from other biocides.

For example, in water systems, bacteria can be protected by a polysaccharide film (biofilm). Chlorine has difficulty penetrating this barrier because of its ionic nature in water. However, Chlorine Dioxide readily penetrates through this layer to kill underlying organisms.

Uses of Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide has a very wide range of applications. It is often used for water tank treatment, both in residential as well as commercial situations. Chlorine Dioxide removes biofilm and algae, which over time can inhibit the flow rate of pipes as well as negatively affect the health of people who use the water and result in a bad odour and taste.

Chlorine Dioxide is approved for use in food processing in Australia, New Zealand and around the world in other countries including the US, UK and EU.

Is Chlorine Dioxide unstable?

Historically, the big problem with Chlorine Dioxide was the instability of the product. Chlorine Dioxide had to be made and used on the spot or the quality would deteriorate because it breaks down in sunlight. CleanOxide, which is stabilised Chlorine Dioxide, solves this problem. CleanOxide is currently available in two forms: CleanOxide Tablets and CleanOxide Liquid75.

CleanOxide Tablets

CleanOxide Tablets are tablets that simply dissolve in the water. They are extremely easy to use and available in our webshop. Look at the applications for CleanOxide Chlorine Dioxide tablets or contact us if you would like to work out how much you need to treat your water tank.

CleanOxide Liquid75

CleanOxide Liquid75 comprises of 2 stable precursor liquids that are mixed together to create practically pure (99.9%) Chlorine Dioxide. Because  CleanOxide Liquid75 consists of 2 separate liquids that are mixed in water, it is safe to transport and there is no chance of explosion, in contrast to traditional Chlorine Dioxide production.

Learn more about CleanOxide Chlorine Dioxide

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