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CleanScale is a powerful biodegradable non toxic, non DG descaler designed to safely and effectively remove rust, lime and scale from heat-exchangers, pumps, pipes compressors, water cooling towers and other industrial and marine equipment without damaging the base materials.

  • CleanScale – Synthetic Acid
  • pH zero
  • 100% acid free
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-skin, non-eye irritant
  • Non-fuming
  • No special requirements for disposal

CleanOxide is globally recognised and approved for use in Australia for human consumption by NMHRC under the ADWG.

Fisheries WA (DOF) currently uses our product for the treatment of any invasive pests that are found in Shipping Ballasts. (Vessel MV Sea Mapel inspection report available on request)

Clean Oxide tablet – we are utilizing this to address our dosing and treatment of onboard potable water for marine vessels.

  • CleanOxide 75 is 100% bio-degradable.
  • CleanOxide 75 is a sustainable, environmentally friendly product.
  • CleanOxide 75 is safe for our oceans and natural water ways.
  • CleanOxide 75 is safe for our marine life.
  • CleanOxide 75 leaves no harmful residues in water after 72 hours of treatment.
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Unlike most conventional Odour treatments that merely mask bad smells our CleanOxide® Gel actually has the ability to kill the source of the problem. The Chlorine Dioxide that is released from the Gel works by destroying part of the odour molecule, stripping it of its odour potential.  It is the oxygen ions that are doing the work, killing the airborne bacteria, mould or viruses and safely eliminating odour.
  • Slow regulated release of chlorine dioxide vapour at undetectable and safe levels.
  • Simple mixing instructions.
  • No capital investment required.
  • 1 packet treats up to 25m2 (floor area).
  • The Gel will turn yellow approximately 20 mins after activation.
  • After approximately 30 days the Gel will lose its colour and become inactive.